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EquoSystem is a technology integrator and IT investment company founded in 2019. It invests in data center, telecom and IT. Also EquoSystem designs IT services and infrastructures. It offers solutions specific to the customer's needs.

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Headquartered in Türkiye; We operate in China, America, France, Switzerland, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. EquoSystem distributes more than 1,000 solutions to different countries from 58 different brands based in Europe, Turkey and Asia.

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Huawei Cloud

Huawei Cloud - Provides all the technology, cloud services and support you need to make your cloud journey seamless. EquoSystem is Huawei Cloud partner.


KubeSphere is a distributed operating system for cloud-native application management, using Kubernetes as its kernel. It provides a plug-and-play architecture.


Jibudata is a Kubernetes and Cloud Native tool that provides Cloud native backup solution. It is of Chinese origin. EquoSystem is the distributor of Jibudata products.

Smart Tag Systems

Smart tag systems are systems that use electronic tags to show features, locations and status of products. EquoSystem offers turnkey solutions with systems developed by itself or distributed from different countries.

Payment Systems

Payment systems are systems used to transfer money in the exchange of goods and services. EquoSystem provide payment systems software, micropayment tools, payment devices and gateways

Software Services

Software systems are systems used to develop programs and applications for computers and other devices. EquoSystem is with you in embedded programming, special software projects and software.

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